Our Mission

Our mission is to be the provider-of-choice for companies in the greater Philadelphia area who are seeking Project Leadership and Business Continuity Planning services. We are achieving this by using only experienced professionals, proven methodologies and recognized best-practices. The appropriate blend of people, process and technology.

Our Value

  • Understand our client’s needs and embrace their culture and business philosophy

    We are not just “task masters”. We realize that to be affective, we must thoroughly understand our client’s needs, what they are trying to accomplish and why. We must understand and assimilate into their culture and the way they conduct business.

  • Be a value-added partner 

    We recognize that the work we do must add value to our client’s bottom line. If it doesn’t, we shouldn’t be doing it. To truly be successful, we must provide value not only to our clients, but to our client’s customers and stockholders as well.

  • Quality and Best Practices 

    Everything we do will be of the highest quality possible, with attention to the details. We will incorporate industry best practices in our solutions and the way we conduct our activities.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We will have the utmost honesty and integrity in our actions and our deeds. That said, we expect the same from our clients and business partners.

  • Easy to do business with

    There’s an old adage that says “If you want people to do something, make it easy for them to do it”. We try to run our business by that same creed. We don’t have a suite of lawyers or 20 page contracts. Many times we are content to begin business based upon a simple hand shake. See bullet above.

  • Have fun

    Work doesn’t’ have to be drudgery. It’s all about attitude. We believe that we can have fun in our assignments without diminishing the importance or sacrificing the quality. If we can’t make it fun, we’d rather not do it.

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