• The DEAR Group has implemented many complex solutions for a 
variety of organizations in the greater Philadelphia area.

The following are a small subset of the engagements The DEAR Group has lead and staffed over the last several years. It serves to demonstrate some of our areas of expertise and showcase how we’ve assisted our clients improve their business value.

  • Substation Connectivity and NERC CIP V5 compliance

    We are assisting a large public utility by leading their project for connecting all of their Transmission and Distribution Substations to their Transmission and Distribution Management Systems via fiber optic cable. We are also assisting with making a subset of the Substations NERC CIP V5 compliant.

  • Outage and Voltage Management

    We were approached by a large public utility to lead their Smart Grid / Smart Meter Outage and Voltage Management activity. Specifically, we lead an initiative to enhance their outage management capabilities and take advantage of the additional capabilities that Smart meters afford.

  • Smart Meter Head End Implementation

    We assisted a large public utility with implementing and managing their Smart Meter Head End system. This included testing and deploying numerous upgrades while the utility deployed millions of Smart meters.

  • Home Area Network Technology 

    We assisted a large public utility with deploying their Home Area Network technology pilot. HAN devices (In Home Displays and Programmable Thermostats) were installed in approximately 100 homes.

  • Remote Connect and Disconnect 

    Smart meters allow for Remote Connect and Disconnect (RCD) capabilities. This reduces the need to have technicians go on site to connect and disconnect a customer’s power. We assisted a large public utility with enhancing their Remote Connect and Disconnect (RCD) capabilities. This included enhancing their Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities to better streamline some of their business processes.

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