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Project Management & Project Leadership Services

The DEAR Group prides itself in its Project Leadership expertise. Our Project Leadership professionals each have years of experience managing many different types of projects. From small 1-person endeavors to multi-million dollar programs that encompass dozens of projects, we can handle it.

Contact us for all your project management and project leadership needs. Serving the greater Philadelphia, PA area and beyond.To many, Project Management is the mechanics of maintaining project plans, issuing reports, etc. To us it’s much more. We prefer to refer to what we do as Project Leadership. While we understand and perform the traditional mechanics, we also strive to build cohesive teams, infuse the project into the organization and provide the benefit realization that the project was intended to produce.

The DEAR Group embraces the principles and methods contained in the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge. However, as stated in our values, we adapt these based upon the client’s culture and the requirements of the project. Not all components are required by all clients on all projects. We modify these, as appropriate, to meet our client’s needs.

As a result of our expertise, many of our clients have asked us to assist them in creating Project Management Offices or Project Support Organizations to provide on-going corporate-wide over site to projects. We welcome the opportunity to work with our clients to establish such organizations.

The following are some of the areas where we can provide guidance and assistance:

  • Portfolio Management – Most organizations have a multitude of project requests in their queue. We can assist in helping to prioritizing these so that the right projects, with the proper resources, are undertaken in order to maximize the Return on Investment.
  • Planning – Understanding the objectives, establishing realistic project timelines, managing expectations and controlling change all contribute to the project being completed on time and within budget.
  • Governance – Establishing the proper guidance and sponsorship is required for a project to succeed.
  • Communication and Reporting – Effective reporting to both the project participants and the executive sponsors is crucial to a project’s success. It’s often been cited that the number one reason projects fail is the lack of communication.
  • Collaborative tools – Projects are collaborative activities involving many people. In many instances, the use of collaborative tools can greatly improve the project outcome. We can assist in selecting and implementing the appropriate tools that best meet the needs of the project or organization.
  • Standards and Procedures – We have assisted many clients in the development and implementation of sound Project Management standards and procedures. This aids in projects having a consistent “look and feel” and improves project outcomes.
  • Training – Many of our clients have asked us to help them in training their staff in proper Project Management techniques and methods. We welcome the opportunity to transfer our skills and knowledge to our clients.
  • Benefit realization – In this day and age it is no longer sufficient to complete projects on time and within budget. That’s a given. Companies need to know that the project will produce the desired Return on Investment and that the benefits anticipated are in fact realized. We work with our clients to establish metrics and reporting that can demonstrate this.

Exceptional project management, training and project leadership consulting services designed to improve your bottom line. Serving the greater Philadelphia, PA area and beyond.

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