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Quality Assurance / Total Quality Management

Quality Assurance has many connotations and takes on many forms. To us, Quality Assurance is a large umbrella that encompasses many things. Under that umbrella we include:Contact us for all your quality assurance and total quality management needs. Serving the greater Philadelphia, PA area and beyond.

  • Total Quality Management / Continuous Quality Improvement – This entails dissecting and documenting business and technical processes to their basic workflow elements. Once the processes have been documented, appropriate metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established. Upon establishment of the metrics, measuring or “keeping score” can begin. The results of the measurement are then analyzed to see how the processes can be altered to provide improved outcomes.
  • Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Models – Carnegie Mellon’s SEI has developed process improvement models for product and service development and maintenance. We are familiar with the key process areas defined in their models and can assist our clients in progressing from an initial level to an optimized level organization.
  • Quality Assurance Institute - The DEAR Group has been involved in the Quality Assurance Institute for over 20 years. We are well versed in and have directed our clients in QAI’s Bodies of Knowledge and their transformational approach to improving quality.
  • High Performance Learning Organizations – We have helped numerous clients implement the basic tenets of a Learning Organization by implementing sound processes and procedures and establishing Centers of Excellence.
  • Software Testing – Software testing is the cornerstone of our quality assurance offerings. Since our days of Y2k testing, we have become a leader in testing complex software applications.
  • Web based applications – We are experienced in testing complex web based applications, as well as client/server and mainframe applications.
  • Functional and regression testing - We fully understand the requirements for complete functionality and regression testing.
  • Performance / Volume / Stress Testing – We are well versed in and have helped our clients with the various aspects of performance and volume testing.
  • Defect tracking and resolution – We help our clients implement appropriate defect tracking and resolution systems.

Proven quality assurance services: total quality management, continuous quality improvement, software testing, high performance learning organizational development & more. Serving the greater Philadelphia, PA area and beyond.

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